Archive - December, 2014

The Benefits to Hiring Self-Motivators

As a recruitment manager, you likely spend countless hours persuading and encouraging employees to make sure work gets done continuously. One of the best ways to improve your bottom line is by decreasing the time that you spend motivating and…

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A Guide to Improved Job Descriptions

You know that job descriptions are a major part of the recruitment process. However, but they may not be doing the job that you think they should be doing for you. If you are not getting an abundance on enquiries…

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On The Move with Mobile Recruitment

More and more companies are embracing mobile recruitment. In fact, mobile recruitment is at the top of the list of recruitment strategy trends these days. When you make the process fast, easy and mobile, you provide job candidates with an…

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Make Your Job Openings Stand Out With Visuals

There are thousands more job openings posted this year than there were the same time just last year. With this rising number of openings, more and more companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit quality candidates in the areas…

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