Archive - January, 2015

Successful Leaders’ Recruiting Habits

The recruitment process is more often than not, the first impression that a candidate gets of a company. This process reflects on an organisation’s brand personality and culture. This is your opportunity to seduce and excite the top talent that…

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How Resume Lies Can Hurt Your Business

Studies have shown that more than seventy per cent of hiring managers have found at least one lie on a resume. An even greater concern is that the number of resume lies has been steadily on the increase since the…

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Employee Referrals to Cut Recruitment Costs

If you do not take advantage of your employees’ network, you could potentially be spending too much on recruitment. By using employee referrals to fill positions within your organisation, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruitment costs.…

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How to Recruit and Hire The Most Qualified Employees

It is easy for employers to figure out who is right for a job with their organisation and who is not. The key is to find people that are a match for the job. This can only be done with…

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