Archive - February, 2015

Making Your Company Culture More Attractive

While research shows a wide range of interesting recruitment trends. However, one of the most fascinating trend is the considerable importance of hiring efforts that exhibit employer branding. More than two-thirds of employers highlight their company culture in their hiring…

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Hiring Star Candidates in the New Year before Your Competition

As one year comes to an end and another begins, things can be seemingly quiet when it comes to hiring and recruiting. While job ads are still being posted and resumes are still being submitted, less time is being spent…

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Spotting a Potentially Disengaged Hire

With the percentage of truly engaged members of the workforce so low, the recruitment process can be exceptionally challenging these days. Regardless of how positive and intense a job candidate seems, there is a great chance that they were disengaged…

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Does Poor Grammar on Resumes Matter?

A large number of recruitment managers find themselves wondering just how much attention should be paid to the grammar mistakes and typos on a job candidate’s resume. The fact of the matter is that great attention should be paid to…

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