Archive - March, 2015

The Benefits of Customising Your Recruitment Efforts

It is easy to be swept up in all the advanced recruitment technology that is available these days. However, it is important to keep your recruitment strategies grounded with a personal approach. Tradition over Technology To most people, a job…

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Easy Steps to Creating Your Recruitment Budget

It is important for a recruiting team to not only create project plans, but to also create an effective budget. Creating a recruitment budget features several steps, which can often be overlooked when the task is rushed or not properly…

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Uncovering Popular Recruiting Myths

Filling an open position within a company can take one week to several months to fill. Unfortunately, following a new hire companies are often not satisfied with the candidate they chose. This leads to an evaluation of the recruitment process…

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The Downside of Manual Recruiting

Recent surveys indicate that only a small percentage of employers take advantage of an applicant tracking system in order to manage the hiring process. In spite of a variety of flaws with these systems and other similar recruitment software applications,…

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