How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Recruiting Methods?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most discussed topics in the world today.  Many think it can revolutionize many industries, making them more efficient and profitable than ever before.  One of those industries that AI can revolutionize and improve is recruiting or HR. 

However, many workers in industries such as HR are concerned that AI could lead to them being ousted from their current positions, as humans may no longer be needed to do many of the occupations today.  An MIT Technology Review research paper on the Asia-Pacific region indicated that 70% of HR executives felt that AI and robotics would lead to considerable job losses in Asia over the next few years.  This view was not shared by talent acquisition professionals and HR managers, however, as they felt that they would have more strategic and broader productivity management roles as a result of AI and robotics being used in the HR industry.

Artificial intelligence can be utilized in the HR industry to help focus on the needs of employees and potential candidates to fill positions in various businesses.  It can help to elevate HR efforts for everyone in an organization because AI will help to do some of the labor-intensive administrative tasks, thereby allowing people to focus more on the needs of human workers in a company.

For instance, AI can help to scale company coaching or career development programs toward every individual to make them better, more efficient, and more productive employees, thereby making the company more profitable.  AI can also help to easily answer common employee questions regarding salary information, health benefit coverage, and vacation time through email, chat, or even a virtual reality meeting room.

It’s not just current employees who can benefit from AI.  Artificial intelligence can help to screen potential candidates both before and after they apply for a position within a company.  Potential hires can interact with an AI tool or chat box and answer common hiring questions about a potential role within a company, while also providing feedback and questions they have during the “interview.”  Using AI can help managers and higher-level executives to quickly determine which candidates will fit best within their organization.

AI can also improve companies’ communication with potential candidates, as 50% of them do not receive any type of communication or feedback after they apply for a position on an online job board or career site.  AI can be more much personalized and interactive with candidates than typical automated messages and emails; a company using artificial intelligence in its recruiting efforts can show the candidate that the company cares about the individual and his/her desires and opinions.