How Technology is Helping Companies Recruit New Talent


Technology is everywhere we look, from the phone we have in our hand, to the streaming TV company we use for our evening’s entertainment. There are few things you can do nowadays without a piece of tech and an online connection. When it comes to business however, technology is actually helping companies to recruit new talent too.

Are there no ends to its uses?

Millennials in particular are attracted by good quality technology and the way it is used. A company which has all the most up to date technology and uses it well, finds it easier to attract top talent, because all of this makes them seem more progressive, more forward-thinking as a company. You look at them and you get the impression that they will be good to work for. This is the first way that tech is attractive to talent.

Another perk is the actual recruitment process. Having an up to date website, an easy to use application process online, and being able to live chat with a member of the recruitment team, this all makes applicants sit up and take notice. It gives a positive and strong first impression.

When it comes to the actual interview itself, technology allows us to use video conferencing, from any part of the world. Applicants who may be travelling, remote workers, freelancers, these can all be interviewed at any time, over any time zone. This opens up the talent pool, and allows businesses to take advantage of more diverse and complex skill sets.

Digital communication speeds everything up, and the requirement process is faster and more transparent as a result.

Every single one of these points helps businesses attract, retain, and motivate talent, thus increasing productivity levels, and ensuring success for the future.