What Does Recruitment Look Like in The Future?


With technology moving forwards every single year at a faster rate, the way a business runs changes equally as fast. One thing which will certainly not stand still in the months and years to come is recruitment.

If automation is going to reshape production, then technology is going to change the way we find, recruit, and retain staff. From the way we work to the way we communicate, technology has a say in everything.

Here are just five ways you can expect to see major changes in the recruitment process over the coming years.


  • Interviews Will be Done Digitally – Skype and other forms of video conferencing will allow interviews to be done much more casually and remotely.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems Will Become Vital – Storing data and details on applicants via an applicant tracking system will become a key part of recruitment, streamlining everything in the process.
  • Resumes and CVs Will be Outdated – A digital footprint will be preferable over the old fashioned CV sales pitch, with employers checking online resumes instead.
  • Social Media Job Postings – Whilst regular advertising will not go away, social media job postings will rise. This includes making use of LinkedIn, and Facebook job boards, to name just two.
  • Remote Workers Will Increase – There will be a much larger number of employees working remotely in the years to come, staying in contact with their office/organisation via online communication methods. This is different from freelancing, in that the employee is still one of your staff, and not self-employed.

These are just five ways which the recruitment process looks to change as the years roll by. Technology will change the face of recruitment, making it far easier to find top quality talent, and enhance a business’ skill-set as a result.